Category: EG data system

Materials and Processes

Cross-section of a soldered capacitor Cross-section of a semi-rigid The group supports engineering with material/proces selection and proces development.The knowledge obtained is used by quality assurance (QA) in: design drawing approval, QA inspections, NCR handling. The PA/QA group maintains a dedicated construction analysis laboratory for technology research or failure analyses. These are some examples of …

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Quality Assurance (QA)

Target condition: no side overhang Quality Assurance (QA) covers the implementation of the quality aspects during manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing. There are three main tools for doing so: inspections, non-conformance control, reviews.  QA is involved in the early development and/or design of hardware. The gathered knowledge of these analysis, are both beneficial for the …

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Product Assurance (PA)

ESA standards Product Assurance (PA) defines and implements quality requirements for SRON space projects. Typical project environmental aspects are: duration of the projects, typically 10 years, the vast number of partners involved, no exchange of funds between partners, complex, high reliability instruments in space environment. Involving PA from the beginning of project gives the project …

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Configuration and Data Management (CADM)

Configuration and Data Management (CADM) is used to describe the processes and to provide the requirements for managing information and configuration of products within a space programme or project. CADM consists out of three main disciplines, which are: baselining, change control, data management.