Open data

Following the research data management policy of NWO, SRON researchers share their data and software after publication of their scientific results. We are working on doing this according to the FAIR principles. By encouraging open data, SRON contributes to make science better reproducible, stimulates collaboration and makes science more inclusive. 

Data repositories

Data and software publications are hosted mostly on Zenodo. An overview of SRON publication records can be found in the SRON community on Zenodo:

Larger datasets are hosted at SRON. See the links below to download data from our large projects:

SCIAMACHY calibration data

TROPOMI science data

For papers with SRON first authors, the location of the data package should also be mentioned in a data availability statement in the paper. 

Data stewards

We have a group of data stewards supporting our scientists with their research data management. These are the members:

  • Jelle de Plaa (Coordinator/ASTRO)
  • Richard van Hees (EARTH)
  • Russ Shipman (ASTRO)
  • Stephen Yates (Technology/Instrument Science)
  • Daniela Huppenkothen (Advisor).  

Our data stewards are also members of the NWO-I Digital Competence Centre (DCC). Please contact us if you want to know more about how research data management is implemented at SRON.