Facts & figures SRON


  • Started in the 1960s as separate space labs in Groningen, Leiden and Utrecht.
  • Was officially founded in 1983 as a merger of those labs: Stichting Ruimte Onderzoek Nederland (SRON)
  • Was renamed SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research in 2005
  • Is located in Leiden and Groningen since 2021
  • Is part of the Dutch Research Council NWO
  • Is the national expertise institute for space research in The Netherlands and advises the Dutch government
  • Develops satellite instruments for astrophysical, exoplanetary and climate research from space and analyzes the data provided by these instruments
  • Acts as PI-institute for the development of space instruments for large missions from ESA, NASA and other space agencies.
  • Has four scientific programs (Astrophysics, Exoplanets, Earth observation and Technology) and two expertise groups (Instrument science and Engineering)
  • Covers the entire development process of space instruments: science input to fundamental technology research to instrument building to science output

Annual reports

As of 2010 the annual reports are biennial and as of 2012 in an online format.

Annual report sron 2020-2021 (online, Dutch version)

Annual report SRON 2018-2019 (online, Dutch version)

Annual report SRON 2018-2019 (online)

Annual report SRON 2016-2017 (online, Dutch version)

Annual report SRON 2016-2017 (online)


SRON has been assigned the status of Public Benefit Organisation (in Dutch: ANBI, “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”). More info on ANBI can be found on the ANBI webpages of the “Belastingdienst”, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. The status of ANBI requires disclosure of the following information:

  • Institution’s name: Stichting SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research
  • RSIN: The RSIN Legal Entities & Partnerships Identification Number of SRON is 002882243.
  • Contact: Please see our Contact webpage. Email contact about the ANBI status of SRON can be addressed to Secretariaat-Directie@sron.nl .
  • Directorate and Board: Please see our Organisation webpage.
  • Mission: SRON’s mission is to bring about breakthroughs in international space research.
    The institute pursues astrophysical research, earth science and exoplanetary research. Therefore the institute develops pioneering technology and advanced space instruments. As national expertise institute SRON gives counsel to the Dutch government and coordinates national scientific contributions to international space missions. SRON stimulates the implementation of space science in society.
  • Policy plan: Download “Strategy 2017-2023”
  • Activity report: The latest annual report can be found above.
  • Payment policy: The salary levels are set according to the framework of the Collective Labour Agreement (Cao-OI) and are in accordance with the WNT (“Wet Normering Topinkomens”). Members of the Board receive a modest fixed reimbursement of costs. 
  • Financial report: Please see above (Annual reports) for balance sheets and profit & loss accounts for the past years. Full financial reports are available upon request.