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SRON’s mailserver is protected with a spamfilter. If you are reading this, you probably got blocked. For more information: ict at sron dot nl

TKI-projecten SRON

Om innovatie te stimuleren zijn er binnen de negen topsectoren “Topconsortia voor Kennis en Innovatie” (TKI’s) opgezet. Deze TKI’s stimuleren publiek-private samenwerkingsprojecten. In de TKI’s zoeken ondernemers en wetenschappers samen naar manieren om vernieuwende producten en diensten op de markt te brengen. MXS-TKI Voor het MXS-TKI project hebben we vier röntgen-kalibratiebronnen gebouwd, getest en gekarakteriseerd. …

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Application form for internships

After selection of “Location” in the application form (Groningen or Leiden), the internship discipline can be selected (Astrophysics, Exoplanets, Earth sciences, Technology & instrument science, Engineering, and Other). Due to many applications we have currently no internships in the field of Astrophysics available.

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Knowledge transfer

Relevance of SRON to society The relevance of SRON to society has TWO main components, first our climate and air-quality research for planet Earth and second the development and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge. Both are intimately linked to SRON’s research programme. 1. Watching our planet Earth programmeIn its Horizon 2020 programme the European Union has identified climate …

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Core values

SRON’s core values define the ‘core’ of the institute’s corporate culture. They describe the values the institute believes in and as such describe the DNA of the institute. Pioneering – SRON wants to bring about breakthroughs in international space research. The institute also endeavors to push the borders of innovative space technology. Quality driven – …

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Vacancies & internships

Working at SRON SRON has about 200 employees. They form a melting pot of top (instrument) scientists, engineers, and other professionals of various nationalities and ages who inspire each other to realize outstanding performances at a top level. Problems faced by scientists challenge sensor developers to construct increasingly more sensitive technology. Together with mechanical and …

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Board SRON is part of NWO-I, the Institutes Organisation of NWO, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research. NWO-I is positioned under the Executive Board of NWO. Directorate Advisory Board Organogram SRON has a hybrid matrix structure (as shown below) consisting of Science Advisory Committee The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) advises the directorate on the long-term strategy …

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Facts & figures SRON

annual report5

SRON Annual reports As of 2010 the annual reports are biennial and as of 2012 in an online format. Annual report sron 2020-2021 (online, Dutch version) Annual report SRON 2018-2019 (online, Dutch version) Annual report SRON 2018-2019 (online) Annual report SRON 2016-2017 (online, Dutch version) Annual report SRON 2016-2017 (online) ANBI SRON has been assigned …

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