EEE (Electronic, Electrical and Electromechanical) Components

Hybrid developed by SRON for SAX project

The SRON PA/QA group has a long heritage in the acquisition of high reliability components for space applications. Over the past the group has built up a unique combination of knowledge in procurement related disciplines and quality standards, sustained by a profound insight in a number of technological domains.

EEE component procurement goes beyond purchasing components. Fields of specialism include:

  • market survey,
  • component selection,
  • make or buy decisions,
  • definition of procurement specifications &
    negotiation of Statement of Work,
  • planning and cost control/budgetting,
  • stock control.

For implemenation of EEE quality requirements SRON PA/QA is skilled in

  • tailoring of Space Agencies / Department of Defense and project requirements for non-standard components,
  • manufacturer surveillance,
  • acceptance and buy-off,
  • performing inspections, problem reporting and resolving,
  • alert coordination.