Materials and Processes

Cross-section of a soldered capacitor
Cross-section of a semi-rigid

The group supports engineering with material/proces selection and proces development.The knowledge obtained is used by quality assurance (QA) in:

  • design drawing approval,
  • QA inspections,
  • NCR handling.

The PA/QA group maintains a dedicated construction analysis laboratory for technology research or failure analyses. These are some examples of the activities the laboratory can facilitate:

  • wirebond pull testing,
  • surface hardness for polymers,
  • viscosity,
  • microscopy up to 1000x magnification including interference and contrast
  • static load testing up to 10KN,
  • electrical measurements (micro-probing and high voltage characterisation),
  • component/assembly thermal cycling and shock testing (473K to 77K),
  • vacuum potting and molding,
  • micro-sectioning on mechanical and electrical parts
  • metallurgical studies.