Processes and Facilities


All processes are conducted under a clean environment. The Litho section is the most demanding user of SRON’s in-house clean room facility. Key parts of the processes form thin film deposition and micro-lithographic pattern transfer.

Thin metal films (mostly Al, Au, Bi, Cu, Mo, Nb, Ta, Ti, but in principle every metal is possible) and a few insulating films (Al2O3, SiOx) are deposited using e-beam evaporation, sputter deposition and thermal evaporation. Heart of the micro-lithographic pattern transfer is a Süss MA6 contact/proximity aligner, enabling about 1 μm resolution on 100 mm Si wafers. Wet chemical and reactive ion etching is used for selective material removal.

Completed sensors and test structures can be inspected optically and mounted using 25 to 125 μm Ø Al-wedge bonding.

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