Record number of visitors at SRON Open Day

The Open Day of SRON on Sunday, October 5, was a great success: a total of 1300 visitors came to the locations in Utrecht and Groningen. The visitors were very enthusiast and impressed by the many activities of SRON.          More

Athena Industry Day

Athena - the next large X-ray mission of the European Space Agency (ESA)- will be fitted with detectors from SRON. On Friday 7 november the Athena Industry Day takes place. You can subscribe now.        Read more (in dutch)

Mysterious cloud on Titan made of hydrogen cyanide

    Since 2012, an enormous cloud is floating high above the South Pole of Titan, a large moon of Saturn. Astronomers have now discovered that this cloud consists of extremely toxic hydrogen cyanide ice. The ice has probably formed after a rapid cooling of the atmosphere. The results have this week been published in Nature.         More

Smell, see and hear the universe

Always wanted to know what space instruments look like and how they are made? Come to the Open Day of space research institute SRON in Utrecht or Groningen on October 5 and immerse yourself in the world of space research. SRON can be visited between 12.00 and 17.00 hr.            Read more (in dutch)

First Dutch contribution to giant telescope E-ELT passes all tests

The first Dutch contribution to the planned European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) has passed the tests succesfully. It concerns the 'chopper', a very versatile little mirror which has been developed by a consortium of Dutch universities, technological institutes and industry. The high tech mirror is an essential part of METIS, the mid-infrared camera annex spectrometer of the giant telecope.        Read more (in dutch)