Zernike meets astro research

Thursday 14 June 2012 the Zernike Institute for Advanced materials, The Kapteyn Astronomical Institute, SRON and NOVA organize a research symposium. The symposium aims to highlight current science and technology research at the organizing institutes. It is a first step towards reviving and stimulating collaboration on science, technology research and application development. The ares of interest include spectroscopy, novel detectors and measurement techniques.

Zernike poster

Speakers are Maria Loi, Jan van der Kuur, Beatriz Noheda, Caspar van der Wal, Darren Hayton, Andrey Barychev, Maxim Pchenitchnikov and Jochem Baselmans.

The event takes place at Bernoulliborg, room 253, at the Zernike Campus, Groningen. For registration send an email to M.H.Derix@rug.nl  with subject ‘Zernike-Astro’