SRON takes part in Alpbach Summer School

On July 9th, sixty European engineering and science students have kicked off the 2024 Alpbach Summer School in Austria. Over the course of two weeks, the participants will develop four space mission concepts. In the first few days, the students receive lectures from experts in the field of space research and this year’s theme: Giant planets and their moons.

Alpbach team and guest lecturers
From left to right (top/bottom row):
Willem Jellema (SRON) – engineering tutor/senior instrument scientist, Peter Falkner (ESA) – head tutor/head of science mission studies division, Konstanze Fila (FFG) – head of summer school, Yamilla Miguel (SRON/Leiden university) – lecturer/associate professor, Carole Mundell (ESA) – director of science/professor, Christiane Helling (IWF) – chair programme committee/director for space research Graz/professor, Hans-Martin Steiner (Austrospace – managing director, Andreas Geisler (FFG) – head of Austrian Aeronautics and Space Agency, Harald Michaelis (DLR) – lecturer/head of Department Planetary Sensor Systems, Patrick Irwin (University of Oxford) – lecturer/professor, Allard Veenstra (Delft University of Technology) – engineering student NL, Luigi Serra (Delft University of Technology) – engineering student NL, Veronica Saz Ulibarrena (Leiden University)  – science student NL, Julia Wittenburg (University of Groningen) – science student NL, Ruth Taubner (IWF/Austrian Academy of Sciences) – lecturer/science coordinator

The summer school is organised by the Austrian space agency and sponsored by amongst others ESA and SRON. Four students have been selected by SRON on behalf of The Netherlands—Julia Wittenburg (University of Groningen), Veronica Saz Ulibarrena (Leiden University), Luigi Serra (TU Delft) and Allard Veenstra (TU Delft).

SRON researcher Willem Jellema is the national point of contact and engineering tutor and Yamila Miguel (SRON/Leiden University) is one of the guest lecturers.