RUG, ASTRON and SRON will develop master Advanced Instrumentation

The University of Groningen (RUG) will start with a master ‘Advanced Instrumentation’ from the year 2016/2017. The master is developed together with NWO research institutes ASTRON and SRON.

Array microresonator detectors

An important part of the master program is Mechanical engineering. Thanks to the cooperation with research institutes ASTRON (Drenthe) and SRON (Groningen) students can learn to apply their knowledge of mechanical and electrical engineering. By means of graduation projects students can learn to contribute to complex scientific instruments (e.g. ground telescopes like SKA and satellite instruments for international space missions like Athena) that are used to study the universe and the earth’s atmosphere. 

ASTRON and SRON are happy to contribute to this new initiative, which is part of a more intensive cooperation between (local) government, university, research institutes, small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) and other parthers in the Northern provinces.