Elisa Costantini: ‘Pursue your dreams, whatever obstacles come your way’

For the upcoming International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2024 on February 11th, we asked four female professionals within SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research about their current space- or science mission, their contribution to the project, their drive and their advice to women and girls with pursuing dreams in science, and its technology & engineering. Today is part 1.

Elisa Costantini, Senior research scientist, Astrophysics Science Group
SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

What mission or project are you working on?

“I work on several projects, from the more managerial tasks of the XRISM X-ray mission, to active galactic nuclei and experimental study of interstellar dust.”

What is your role and your contribution?

“In the XRISM project I am the PI (principal investigator) of the Dutch/Swiss contribution to the mission.’

What do you like about your work?

“Working in a research institute gives the unique opportunity to work on space missions and the development of new instruments, but also to devote yourself to purely scientific activities. It is impossible to get bored.”

What would you like to say to girls and women with ambitions to work in science?

“I would like that any woman could pursue her dreams, despite the many obstacles that surely will come her way.”