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Travel by air

Groningen has a (small) airport connecting to several European cities and to Schiphol. The closest large airport to Groningen is Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Another alternative is the (small) Bremen airport in Germany offering connections to several European destinations.

  • From Groningen airport to the city center:

    It is about 15 km from the airport to the city center. Information on public transportation can be found here.
  • From Schiphol airport to Groningen:

    From Schiphol airport it takes about 2.5 hours by train to Groningen. Please see for more information. Prices for a single trip are about EUR 30 (second class) and EUR 50 (first class). By car, it takes about 2 hours from Schiphol to Groningen, assuming no traffic jams (which are frequent in the Netherlands). We recommend to take the train: in addtion to possible traffic jams, public parking is not cheap in Groningen, the city center (where the meeting place and most hotels are located) is mostly closed to cars, and the conference venue is within walking distance of most Groningen hotels.
  • From Bremen airport to Groningen:

    Options are either by airport bus to Groningen, or by tramway to the train station and then by train to Groningen, or car (about 2 hours).

Travel by train to Groningen

Groningen is connected by two trains per hour to other major cities in the Netherlands and Europe. Connection from Brussels and Paris is via the Thalys high-speed train and Dutch trains, and from Germany via the Inter City Express (ICE) high-speed train.

How to reach the hotels

From the train station the hotels are generally within walking distance, but with luggage you might want to take a taxi or a bus. 

Travel by car

Groningen can be reached via the highways A28 from the South and A7 from the West and East (Germany). It is a 2 hour car ride from Schiphol airport (assuming no traffic jams) or Bremen. There is no border control between Germany and the Netherlands.

Getting around in Groningen

There is a good bus system in Groningen but the best way to get around in the center is walking or by bicycle. If you want to get around "Dutch style", i.e. on bicycle, you can rent a bike at the train station and elsewhere, see here for more information.