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Cosmic Feedback

Event E17 at the Cospar General Assembly
held in Bremen, Germany, Jul 18-25 2010 



Feedback processes are being recognized more and more as fundamental for our understanding of the evolving Universe. They are important on all scales from the interstellar medium, galaxy halos and evolution, starbursts, AGN outflows, cooling cluster cores to the warm-hot intergalactic medium. The launch of the UV spectroscopy mission COS in 2008, synergy, simultaneous observations and continued operation of X-ray observatories such as XMM-Newton, Chandra and Suzaku will deepen our understanding of these processes. Increasingly more powerful and physically more complete numerical models allow a unique confrontation between observations and theory.

Main Scientific Organizer:

Elisa Costantini (SRON, The Netherlands)

Deputy Organizer:

Gerard Kriss (STScI, USA)

Scientific Organizing Committee:

Greg Bryan (Columbia Univ., USA), Marco Chiaberge (STSCI, USA), Alison Coil (UCSD, USA), Tiziana di Matteo (Carnegie Mellon, USA), Sarah Gallagher (Western Ontario Univ., Canada), Jelle Kaastra (SRON, The Netherlands), Brian McNamara (Waterloo Univ., Canada), Yoh Takei (ISAS/JAXA, Japan)


This is the list of the solicited and contributed talks to the event E17, "Cosmic Feedback" at the Cospar General Assembly, held in Bremen, Germany, Jul 18-25, 2010. 

Feedback from quasars to normal galaxies:

Gordon Richards Observations of AGN outflows and their contribution to feedback
Norman  Murray Starburst and AGN fueling
George Chartas Quasar Winds Near the Peak in Galaxy Merger Rate 
Rob Detmers The 600 ks RGS spectrum of Mrk 509: unravelling the outflow and constraining feedback
Jacobo Ebrero Warm absorber outflows and feedback processes: the case of Mrk 279
Evan Scannapieco Simulating Galaxy Outflows Driven by Supersonic Turbulence
John Everett Cosmic Rays Help Drive Galactic Winds
Gerard Kriss Highlights on feedback from AGN: the HST view
Lisa Winter HST COS observations of AGN Outflows
Andrea  Merloni AGN feedback in action: constraints on the scaling relations between black holes and galaxies at high redshift

Jets and black holes:

Brian McNamara Supermassive Black Holes: Work Horses of the Universe
Carlos De Breuck Feedback in high redshift radio galaxies
Laura Birzan Toward a Universal Scaling Relation between Jet Power and Radio Power
Sebastian Heinz Jet-driven feedback in galaxy clusters (keynote , PDF )
Thomas  Jones Buoyant Bubbles and Cavities in Galaxy Clusters
Volker Gaibler Jet feedback in High-Redshift Galaxies
Fabio La Franca AGN Feedback: Radio-Loudness Distribution and the Kinetic Luminosity function

Enrichment in the Intracluster Medium:

Christopher Reynolds MHD instabilities and conduction in the ICM of cooling core clusters
Stefano Ettori Where the wild baryons are: the outer regions of galaxy clusters
Kosuke Sato Suzaku observations of the metallicity in the intracluster medium of groups and clusters of galaxies
Paolo Tozzi Tracing the evolution in the iron content of the intra-cluster medium
Sabine Schindler Metal Enrichment Processes
Michael Wise A Map of Heating in MS0735.6+7421: Direct Evidence for ICM Heating in the Most Energetic AGN Outburst Known
Aurora Simionescu Feedback under the microscope: heating, gas uplift, and mixing in the nearest cluster core

Feedback in the Intergalactic Medium:

Crystal Martin  The Transverse Size of Metal-Enriched Regions in the IGM
Philipp  Richter FUV and X-ray Absorption in the Warm-Hot Intergalactic Medium
Yoh Takei Search for emission from warm-hot intergalactic medium
Olivera Rakic Intergalactic Medium near High Redshift Star-Forming Galaxies