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prof. dr. ir.  J.J.A. (Jochem)  Baselmans

Senior instrument scientist A
Technology science group

Contact information

T +31 (0)88 777 5880
F +31 (0)88 777 5678
E J.Baselmans@sron.nl
W http://www.sron.nl/Jochem_Baselmans

Visiting address

    room S.024
    3584CA Utrecht
    The Netherlands


Jochem Baselmans (1974) is senior instrument scientist at the SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research where he works since 2002 within the Technology program. He is also, since 2015, Associate professor in the THz sensing group at Delft University of Technology. He graduated in 1998 on at the University of Groningen and received his PH.D. (summa cum laude) at the university of Groningen on 2002, entitled: ‘Controllable Josephson Junctions’. He started in 2002 as post-doctoral Instrument Scientist at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research where has worked until 2004 on Hot Electron Bolometer mixers, very sensitive heterodyne radiation detectors for frequencies between 1 and 5 THz. In 2005 he moved to SRON Utrecht and started working on Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors, after a 3 month visit to the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA. In 2015 Jochem Baselmans received an ERC Consolidator grant to develop an advanced imaging spectrometer based upon MKIDs. He now leads the Dutch effort on the development of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors. Dr. Baselmans published in excess of 100 papers.

Featured publications

Davis, K.K., Baryshev, A.M., Jellema, W., Yates, S.J.C., Ferrari, L. et al. including Baselmans, J.J.A. Proof-of-Concept Demonstration of Vector Beam Pattern Measurements of Kinetic Inductance Detectors IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology , vol.PP, no.99, p.1-9, 2016

Rantwijk van, J., Grim, M., Loon van, D., Yates, S., Baryshev, A., et al. including Baselmans, J.J.A. Multiplexed Readout for 1000-pixel Arrays of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 64, 1876, 2016

Visser de, P.J., Yates, S.J.C., Guruswamy, T., Goldie, D.J., Withington, S., et al, including Baryshev, A.M., Baselmans, J.J.A. The non-equilibrium response of a superconductor to pair-breaking radiation measured over a broad frequency band Applied Physics Letters vol. 106, 252602 (2015).

J. Bueno, P. C. J. J. Coumou, G. Zheng, P. J. de Visser, T. M. Klapwijk, E. F. C. Driessen, S. Doyle, and J. J. A. Baselmans Anomalous Response of Superconducting Titanium Nitride Resonators to Terahertz Radiation Appl. Phys. Lett. 105, 192601

P. J. de Visser, J. J. A. Baselmans, J. Bueno, N. Llombart, and T. Klapwijk Fluctuations in the electron system of a superconductor exposed to a photon flux Nat. Commun. 5, 3130

Endo, A., Sfiligoj, C., Yates, S.J.C., Baselmans, J.J.A., Thoen, D.J., et al. including Baryshev, A.M. On-chip filter bank spectroscopy at 600–700GHz using NbTiN superconducting resonators Applied Physics Letters, 103, p. 032601, 2013

Janssen, R.M.J., Baselmans, J.J.A., Endo, A., Ferrari, L., Yates, S.J.C. et al., including Baryshev, A. High optical efficiency and photon noise limited sensitivity of microwave kinetic inductance detectors using phase readout Applied Physics Letters, 103, p. 203503, 2013

Neto, A., Llombart, N., Baselmans, J.J.A., Baryshev, A., Yates, S.J.C. Demonstration of The Leaky Lens Antenna at Sub-Millimeter Wavelengths IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology, Issue 99, p. 1-7, 2013

Baselmans, J.J.A. Kinetic Inductance Detectors Journal of Low Temperature Physics, 167, No. 3-4, p. 292-304, 2012

Barends, R., Wenner, J., Lenander, M., Chen, Y., Bialczak, R.C., et al., including Baselmans, J.J.A. Minimizing quasiparticle generation from stray infrared light in superconducting quantum circuits Applied Physics Letters, 99, 113507, 2011

Visser de, P.J., Baselmans, J.J.A., Diener, P., Yates, S.J.C., Endo A., et al. Number fluctuations of sparse quasiparticles in a superconductor Physical Review Letters, 106, 167004, 2011

Yates, S.J.C., Baselmans, J.J.A., Endo, A., Janssen, R.M.J., Ferrari L., et al. including Baryshev M.A. Photon noise limited radiation detection with lens-antenna coupled Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors Applied Physics Letters, 99, 073505, 2011

Barends, R., Vercruyssen, N., Endo1, A., Visser de, P.J., Zijlstra, T., Klapwijk, T.M., Baselmans, J.J.A. Reduced frequency noise in superconducting resonators. Applied Physics Letters, 97, 033507, 2010

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