dr. J. (Jelle) de Plaa

Astrophysics science group-U

Contact information

Telephone +31 (0)88 777 5839
Email address J.de.Plaa@sron.nl
Profile webpage www.sron.nl/Jelle_de_Plaa
Personal webpages www.sron.nl/~jellep

Visiting address

Room 2.016
3584 CA Utrecht
The Netherlands

My profile description

As scientific programmer at Astro Utrecht I am mainly involved with software maintenance and development for current and future X-ray missions like XMM-Newton, Chandra, XRISM and Athena. One of the main software packages I help to develop is SPEX (http://www.sron.nl/spex). For new X-ray missions, I perform simulations to verify the instrument performance for science requirements in (mainly) the field of clusters of galaxies. I am also a member of the X-IFU calibration team. My Master research (2001-2002) focused on the timing properties of the X-ray pulsar PSR 0540-69 under supervision of Wim Hermsen and Lucien Kuiper (SRON). In 2007, I obtained a PhD on the topic of chemical enrichment of the hot ICM in clusters of galaxies under supervision of Jelle Kaastra, Mariano Mendez and Johan Bleeker (SRON). From 2007-2009, I was a post-doc at Delft Technical University/KNMI and worked on acoustic seafloor mapping and the detection of infrasound in Earths atmosphere. In 2009, I returned as a post-doc at SRON and obtained a XMM-Newton VLP to study deep RGS spectra of clusters of galaxies. These data became part of the CHEERS project of which I am PI. From 2012, I am a member of the workers council of SRON which advises the SRON directorate about important decisions.

ORCID: http://orcid.org/0000-0002-2697-7106