dr. R. (Robert)  Huisman

Instrument science group

Contact information

Telephone +31 (0)88 777 36648
Email address R.Huisman@sron.nl
Profile webpage www.sron.nl/Robert_Huisman

Visiting address

Room 299B
Landleven 12
9747 AD Groningen
The Netherlands

My profile description

Since 2001, after completing my studies in both mechanical engineering and astronomy, I started working as instrument scientist at SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, leading the development of the mechanisms for the HIFI instrument on board the Herschel space telescope. I received the Ph.D. degree in mechatronics and control theory from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands in 2016. Currently I am leading the development of a novel deformable mirror concept and I am involved in the SAFARI, PLATO and Sentinel missions. My research interests are space mechanisms, optics and nano positioning.