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dr.  M.P. (Marcel)  Bruijn

Instrument Scientist A+
Instrument science group

Contact information

T +31 (0)88 777 5638
F +31 (0)88 777 5678
E M.P.Bruijn@sron.nl
W http://www.sron.nl/Marcel_Bruijn

Visiting address

    room S.016
    3584CA Utrecht
    The Netherlands


My main task at SRON is to lead the lithography section (part of the Instrument Science Group). Within this work I am also responsible for guarding the operation of equipment of the section in the clean room and make the plans for future equipment. I am involved in many of the projects where people of my section are assigned to. Personally, I lead work packages for the development of X-ray micro calorimeters (as planned for the X-IFU instrument on Athena). We are heading towards fabrication of arrays (4000 for Athena) with world class sensitivity. I have been involved with the research of other cryogenic detectors (superconducting tunnel junctions and micro-bolometers) that did not make it (yet?) for space application. I lead the work packages for development of the lithographic components in the FDM read out of TES based detector arrays. I have developed the superconducting LC filter chips and the superconducting flexible connection elements.

Featured publications

Bruijn, ,M.P., Linden van der, A. J. , Ridder, M. L., Weers van, H. J. FDM Readout Assembly with Flexible, Superconducting Connection to Cryogenic kilo-Pixel TES Detectors J Low Temp Phys (2016) 184: 369.

Bruijn, M.P., Gottardi, L., Hartog den, R.H., Kuur van der, J., Linden van der, A.J., Jackson, B.D. Tailoring the High-Q LC Filter Arrays for Readout of Kilo-Pixel TES Arrays in the SPICA-SAFARI Instrument Journal of Low Temperature Physics: Volume 176, Issue 3, p. 421-425, 2014

Bruijn M.P., Gottardi, L., Hartog den, R.H., Hoevers, H.F.C., Kiviranta, M., et al., including Korte de, P.A.J., Kuur van der, J. High-Q LC Filters for FDM Read out of Cryogenic Sensor Arrays Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Vol. 167, p. 695-700, 2012

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