dr. M.P. (Marcel)  Bruijn

Instrument science group

Contact information

Telephone +31 (0)88 777 5638
Email address M.P.Bruijn@sron.nl
Profile webpage www.sron.nl/Marcel_Bruijn

Visiting address

Room S.016
3584 CA Utrecht
The Netherlands

My profile description

My main task at SRON is to lead the lithography section (part of the Instrument Science Group). Within this work I am also responsible for guarding the operation of equipment of the section in the clean room and make the plans for future equipment. I am involved in many of the projects where people of my section are assigned to. Personally, I lead work packages for the development of X-ray micro calorimeters (as planned for the X-IFU instrument on Athena). We are heading towards fabrication of arrays (4000 for Athena) with world class sensitivity. I have been involved with the research of other cryogenic detectors (superconducting tunnel junctions and micro-bolometers) that did not make it (yet?) for space application. I lead the work packages for development of the lithographic components in the FDM read out of TES based detector arrays. I have developed the superconducting LC filter chips and the superconducting flexible connection elements.