dr. ir. P.J. (Pieter) de Visser

Technology science group

Contact information

Telephone +31 (0)88 777 5890
Email address P.J.de.Visser@sron.nl
Profile webpage www.sron.nl/Pieter_de_Visser

Visiting address

Room S.023
3584 CA Utrecht
The Netherlands

My profile description

My research focuses on superconducting microresonator detectors (MKIDs), which can resolve the energy of each visible or near-infrared photon that is absorbed by the detector. As a consequence of the energy resolving power, these detectors have no dark- and read noise as in conventional semiconductor detectors. Each pixel is read out real time. We envision these detectors to function as an imaging spectrometer to measure the composition of the atmosphere of exoplanets. Exoplanets are very faint, only a few photons per second, which requires a noiseless, photon counting detector. The unique properties of photon-counting MKIDs and the ease of making large arrays also make them promising detectors for fringe-tracking in ground-based interferometry, wavefront sensing and potentially in biological fluorescence experiments and quantum optics. I have a strong background in condensed matter physics and low temperature detectors, which I have used in the past to demonstrate the most sensitive terahertz MKID to date. Through a deep understanding of the device physics I aim to improve the energy resolution of visible/near-infrared MKIDs, enhance the quantum efficiency over a broad band and use this knowledge to demonstrate a large a array of energy-resolving MKIDs.