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dr.  A.H. (Aaldert) van  Amerongen

Senior projectleider B
Instrument science group

Contact information

T +31 (0)88 777 5885
F +31 (0)88 777 5678
E A.H.van.Amerongen@sron.nl
W http://www.sron.nl/Aaldert_van_Amerongen

Visiting address

    room 2.024
    3584CA Utrecht
    The Netherlands


Within the expertise group Instrument science, I lead a section of 14 instrument scientists with expertise in the design, manufacturing, calibration and operation of optical and X-ray payloads for scientific space use. I am responsible for the strategic development of the skills in the group and for staffing and steering of instrumentation projects in the Astrophysics and Earth program lines. Examples of current projects are: TROPOMI, Sentinel-5, and Spex. As a project manager, I contribute to the realization of the complete life cycle of novel space instrumentation: from research and development, to manufacturing, test and delivery. An example is the development of new diffraction grating technology resulting in the first silicon immersed grating to fly in space.

Featured publications

Amerongen van, A.H., Tol, P.J.J., Coppens, A.H.M., Schuurhof, R., Laubert, P.P., et al., including Ruijter, J., Hoogeveen, R.W.M. Design, simulation and test of silicon immersed gratings: key to compact spectrometers in the short-wave infrared in Proceedings of SPIE 9241, 52, 2014

van Amerongen, A.H. , Agocs, T. , van Brug, H. , Nieuwland, G. , Venema, L. et al., including Hoogeveen, R.W.M. Development of silicon immersed grating for METIS on E-ELT roc. SPIE 8450, Modern Technologies in Space- and Ground-based Telescopes and Instrumentation II, 84502T (September 13, 2012)

Amerongen van, A. H., Visser, H., Vink, R.J.P. ,Coppens, T., Hoogeveen, R.W.M. Development of immersed diffraction grating for the TROPOMI-SWIR spectrometer in Sensors, Systems, and Next-Generation Satellites XIV, Proc. of SPIE, eds. Roland Meynart, Steven P. Neeck, Haruhisa Shimoda, Vol. 7826, p. 78261D-1, 2010

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