NS2013 poster
"Felix Meritis" downtown Amsterdam, location of the symposium

The original webpages of ns2013 are not online anymore

Latest results from the neutron-star laboratory
Probing gravitational waves, ultra-dense matter, and gargantuan magnetic fields

Also celebrating the 65th birthday of Wim Hermsen on Tuesday evening, May 7

Amsterdam, The Netherlands, May 6-10 2013

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research, the Astronomical Institute "Anton Pannekoek" of the University of Amsterdam, and ASTRON Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy are organizing a 5-day conference detailing the latest developments in neutron star research.

More than 45 years after the discovery of the first pulsar, neutron stars are now used as gravitational-wave detectors and astrophysical laboratories for studying the physics of ultra-high magnetic fields, gravity, and ultra-dense matter. We envisage a program highlighting the most recent results on radio (e.g. LOFAR, GBT, Arecibo) and high-energy (e.g. Fermi) searches for new pulsars as well as cutting-edge results from studies of known neutron-star systems and their surroundings. We also wish to capture the still expanding variety of neutron-star behavior, including talks on transient sources/events such as the RRATS and (giant) flares of magnetars. In addition, with LOFAR capabilities for monitoring the transient and pulsar sky becoming fully operational in 2012, it is opportune to confront the early results with those of the high-energy window.

Scientific organizing committee

Felix Aharonian, Germany/Ireland
Deepto Chakrabarty, USA
Isabelle Grenier, France
Alice Harding , USA
Wim Hermsen, The Netherlands
Jason Hessels, The Netherlands
Edward van den Heuvel, The Netherlands
Peter Jonker (chairman), The Netherlands
      Vicky Kaspi, Canada
Michiel van der Klis, The Netherlands
Chryssa Kouveliotou, USA
Michael Kramer, Germany
Benjamin Stappers, UK
Rashid Sunyaev, Germany/Russia
Anna Watts, The Netherlands
Ralph Wijers, The Netherlands


Confirmed invited speakers

Elena Amato (Arcetri, Italy)
Cees Bassa (Univ. Manchester, UK)
Andrei Beloborodov (Columbia Univ., USA)
Paul Demorest (NRAO, USA)
Joseph Gelfand (NYU, USA / Abu Dhabi)
Marie-Hélène Grondin (IRAP, France)
Kouichi Hirotani (ASIAA/TIARA, Taiwan)
David Kaplan (Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Evan Keane (MPIfR-Bonn, Germany)
James Lattimer (Stony Brook, USA)
      Andrea Lommen (Franklin & Marshall coll., USA)
Duncan Lorimer (West Virginia Univ., USA)
Maura McLaughlin (West Virginia Univ., USA)
Dimitrios Psaltis (Univ. Arizona, USA)
Scott Ransom (NRAO, USA)
Paul Ray (NRL, USA)
Nanda Rea (IEEC-CSIC, Spain)
Andrey Timokhin (NASA GSFC, USA)
Patrick Weltevrede (Univ. Manchester, UK)
Norbert Wex (MPIfR-Bonn, Germany)


Local organizing committee

Minou van Beurden (UvA)
Hans Bloemen (SRON, chairman )
Milena Hoekstra (UvA)