11th INTEGRAL Conference

11th INTEGRAL Conference

Gamma-Ray Astrophysics in Multi-Wavelength Perspective



The "Rode Hoed", location of the meeting

The conference will held in the Rode Hoed ("red hat") in the heart of Amsterdam. The Rode Hoed is a nationally well known debate centre that has a unique history as a clandestine church behind the facade of three stately canal houses dating from the 17th century.

Keizersgracht 102
1015 CV Amsterdam


Travel to Amsterdam

Schiphol, Amsterdam international airport, is situated about 15 km from the centre of Amsterdam. Many airlines have connections to Schiphol. The city centre can be reached by train in about 15 min for about € 4. The Schiphol train station is located inside the airport. Take a train to "Amsterdam central station".


Travel within Amsterdam to the "Rode Hoed"

It is a walk of about 15 min from Amsterdam central station to the Rode Hoed. Various trams throughout Amsterdam stop at two nearby locations (please see the map at the bottom):

  • Tram stop Nieuwezijds Kolk - trams 1, 2, 5, 13, 17
  • Tram stop Westermarkt - trams 13, 17

Download info sheet on public transportation and bicycle rentals


Travel by car

Lots of public transport around Amsterdam, no car needed

It is not recommended to go by car into the centre of Amsterdam.


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