pres_011018.pdf.gz J.W.den Herder ; Presentations 7th operations meeting, VILSPA, 18/19 Oct 2001
pres_020403.pdf.gz J.W.den Herder ; Cross calibrations XMM/chandra, EPIC meeting 3 April 2002, Ringberg
rgs-col-cal-00003.pdf Frit Paerels; Preliminary In-Flight Assessmentof the RGS Wavelength Response
rgs-col-cal-00004.pdf Frits Paerels; Preliminary Wavelength Scale for the First-Light Spectra
rgs-col-cal-00006.pdf Jean Cottam; An Instrumental Oxygen Edge on RGS
rgs-col-cal-00007.pdf Frits Paerels; The RGS Wavelength Scale: First Pass
rgs-col-cal-00009.pdf Frits Paerels; Moving O VIII Ly-a onto Chip 3 or 5 in RGS2 for sources at Finite Redshifts
rgs-col-cal-00011.pdf John Peterson, Marc Audard; Blind Wavelength Scale Implementation
rgs-col-cal-00012.pdf John Peterson; Model for the RGS Background
rgs-col-cal-00013.pdf Frits Pearels; The measured XMM telescope PSF compared to the simple model in the Columbia raytrace.
rgs-col-cal-00014.pdf John R. Peterson; Model for the RGS Background II: Variability
rgs-col-cal-00015.pdf John R. Peterson; Hot Pixel/Column Rejection
rgs-col-cal-01002.pdf A. Rasmussen; Tuning and assessment of the RGS LSF model appropriate for response matrix generation.
rgs-col-cal-01003.pdf Frits Paerels; 2D Scalar Diffraction Scatering Theory
rgs-col-cal-01004.pdf Jean Cottam, John Peterson; The Cross-Dispersion Distribution of the Large-Angle Scattered Light
rgs-col-cal-01005.pdf John R. Peterson; The mall-Angle Cross-Dispersion Distribution
rgs-col-cal-01006.pdf John Peterson; Characterization of the Fixed Pattern Noise
rgs-col-cal-08009.pdf A. Rasmussen, M. Stern, J. Cottam, J. Spodek ; Component Level Summary for the Contents of Grating Arrays RGA1 and RGA2
rgs-col-cal-97001.pdf Jean Cottam; Preliminary Model of the RGS Grating Efficiency
rgs-col-cal-97003.pdf Jean Cottam; How to use the RAW-EFFICIENCY.TABLE file
rgs-col-cal-97017.pdf Jean Cottam; TAMSOP Analysis of Panter Alignment
rgs-col-cal-97019.pdf Jean Cottam; Verification of Boss Locations in FM1
rgs-col-cal-98001.pdf Jean Cottam; TAMSOP Analysis of the RGS Misalignment during FM1PAN2
rgs-col-cal-98003.pdf Jean Cottam; Final TAMSOP Analysis of the FM1PAN2: Metrology of the RGS and RFC
rgs-col-cal-98004.pdf Jean Cottam; Redesign of RGA FM1 Flexures to Correct for Rotated Interface Plane
rgs-col-cal-98005.pdf Frits Paerels; Repositioning the RGA and RFC on FM1
rgs-col-cal-98007.pdf Jean Cottam; Addendum to RGS-COL-CAL-98004: Redesign of RGS FM1 Flexures
rgs-col-cal-98008.pdf Jean Cottam; Differential Shimming of RGS FM2
rgs-col-cal-98017.pdf Jean Cottam; Location of Point G for RGA/FM1
rgs-col-cal-98022.pdf Jean Cottam; Shimming for RGA/FM2
rgs-col-cal-98023.pdf Jean Cottam; New Model for the RGS Grating Efficiency
rgs-col-cal-99001.pdf Jean Cottam; Field Source Simulations for RGS Observations
rgs-col-cal-99005.pdf Jean Cottam; Final Model of the RGS Grating Efficiency
rgs-col-cal-99006.pdf Jean Cottam; Multiple Source Tagging Criteria
rgs-col-cal-99009.pdf A. Rasmussen, John Chervinsky, Jene Golovchenko; Proton scattering off of XMM optics: XMM mirror and RGS grating samples.
rgs-mssl-ic-002.pdf Jason Tandy ; Instrument Controller Design Description, issue: 12 May 1999
rgs-mssl-sw-002.pdf Khalid Al-Janabi; RGS telemetry structure, issue 11.0, 4 March 2002
rgs-mssl-sw-004.pdf Khalid Al-Janabi; RGS telecommand structure, issue 10.0, 5 October 1999
rgs-rou-se-015.pdf P. de Korte, P. Verhoeve; Ray Trace analysis of off-axis Straylight in the RGS instrument
rgs-sron-cal-01_003.pdf J.W.den Herder ; RDE RGS2 currents out of limits, issue 1, 17 June 2001
rgs-sron-cal-01_005.pdf J.W.den Herder, F. Paerels ; RGS calibration status june 2001, issue 1, 17 June 2001
rgs-sron-cal-98002.pdf Frits Paerels; Supplement to RGS-SRON-CAL-Me-98/001: Relation between RGS and RFC Refocusing Translations
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv1.pdf C.P. de Vries ; In-flight cal source status
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv2.pdf C.P. de Vries ; In-flight CCD PHA model and gains
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv3.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Long term trend analysis of the calibration sources. Search for possible CTI and contamination.
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv5.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Qualitative comparison between RGS1 and RGS2 effective area's
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv6.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Comparison of PKS2155 spectrum with effective area
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv7.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Analysis of Canopus UV measurements. Possible RGS2/CCD2 Al lightshield variations.
rgs-sron-cal-me-00_cv8.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Modification of the CCD redistribution function by adding a flat partial events tail
rgs-sron-cal-me-01_cv1.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Comparison of RGS1 with RGS2 on more data. Fits of absorbing layers to the higher attenuation on RGS2/CCD2.
rgs-sron-cal-me-01_cv2.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Effective area and wide angle scattering. Proposed two-dimensional wide angle scattering.
rgs-sron-cal-me-01_cv3.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Instrumental Oxygen Edge.
rgs-sron-cal-me-02_cv1.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Results of RGS earth limb angle test
rgs-sron-cal-me-03_cv1.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Impact of fixed pattern noise on effective area
rgs-sron-cal-me-03_cv2.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Monitoring RGS contamination
rgs-sron-cal-me-03_cv3.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Dithering observations
rgs-sron-cal-me-03_cv4.pdf C.P. de Vries ; System offsets using diagnostics images
rgs-sron-cal-me-03_cv5.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Monitoring PHA profile changes
rgs-sron-cal-me-04_cv1.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Monitoring effective area stability
rgs-sron-cal-me-04_cv2.pdf C.P. de Vries ; RGS response around the Si-edge
rgs-sron-cal-me-05_cv1.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Monitoring RGS long wavelength response stability
rgs-sron-cal-me-05_cv2.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Checking CCD redistribution
rgs-sron-cal-me-06_001.pdf Cor de Vries ; Pileup in RGS spectra
rgs-sron-cal-me-07_cv1.pdf Cor de Vries ; Tuning of RGS1 CCD2 Serial Clock Voltage
rgs-sron-cal-me-10_cv1.pdf Cor de Vries ; Stability of the RGS effective area
rgs-sron-cal-me-98_009.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Comparison of ISVR predictions of effective area with current model.
rgs-sron-cal-me-98_010.pdf C.P. de Vries ; A simple CCD pulse heigth model function.
rgs-sron-cal-me-98_011.pdf C.P. de Vries ; CCD homogeneity (Si, Al/MgF light shield). Estimate of inhomogeneities on QE.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_002.pdf C.P. de Vries ; CCD gains for cameras FM1/FM2.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_003.pdf C.P. de Vries ; RGS1/2 calibration source intensities.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_004.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Event processing algorithm and program. Keeps event size information.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_005.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Use of event sizes as a diagnostics tool.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_007.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Description of an algorithm to find bad pixels/columns for pipeline processing.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_008.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Characterization of cold columns
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_009.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Measurements of CCD homogeneity. Check by long duration measurements for differences in Al and Si thicknesses.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_010.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Effects of 1x1 versus 3x3 on-chip binning on energy resolution.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_011.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Effect of charge injection on CTI of radiation damaged chip.
rgs-sron-cal-me-99_012.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Effects of CCD threshold on pulse height model
rgs-sron-cal-rp-00_001.pdf T. Tamura ; Fixed Pattern Noise in the flight data of RGS.
rgs-sron-cal-rp-00_002.pdf T. Tamura ; Exposure to exposure variation of the RGS background.
rgs-sron-cal-rp-99_001.pdf A.J.F den Boggende; Hot Pixel Analysis during upper module TV/TB test
rgs-sron-cal-tr-01_cv4.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Test of the new HTR IC code version 6 on the FS camera.
rgs-sron-rp-cal-00_003.pdf J.W. den Herder, C.P. de Vries ; Effective area: verification of the CCD reponse
rgs-sron-rp-cal-00_003d.pdf J.W. den Herder ; RGS Particle background (8 jan 2001)
rgs-sron-rp-cal-01_002.pdf J.W. den Herder ; Her X-1: HTR mode analysis, 12 feb 2001
rgs-sron-tn-cal-97_001.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Analysis of PSPC images for alignment and beam profile during the EQM panter measurements.
rgs-sron-tn-cal-97_002.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Analysis of the EQM effective area measurements at Panter. EQM has limited number of mirror shells and RGA gratings.
rgs-sron-tn-cal-97_003.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Analysis of RGS FM1 Effective area. 1st measurements at panter: aug-sep 1997. Non-flight alignment.
rgs-sron-tn-cal-98_001.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Analysis of RGS RGA-FM1 Effective area. 2nd measurements at panter dec-1997. Flight alignment: configuration 'C'.
rgs-sron-tn-cal-98_002.pdf C.P. de Vries ; Analysis of RGS RGA-FM2 Effective area. 3rd measurements at panter april-98.
rgs_se_rp_00_001.radtest.pdf B.J. van Leeuwen, R.Habroe-Soerensen ; Heavy ion irradiation tests of HS-303RH, 2N2222A and 2N2907A for XMM