Templates for all document types are available in one single Word template called SRON-project.dot.

  • SRON internal
          For SRON personnel this template is available on all Windows desktops/laptops at SRON and via Citrix.

        How to use the template ?

      • Open Word and click File > New...  and a "New document" selection window will appear.
      • In Office XP select New from template > General Templates… > tab SRON.
      • In Office 2003 select Templates > On my computer… > tab SRON.
      • After selection, the SRON-project userform will appear.
        Select a document type and fill out the form. Click OK.
        The setup of the document that opens will depend upon the document type selected.
  • SRON External
              Others can download the template here: SRON-project.zip
              (Note: enable macro's !!)