The current stable version of SPEX is 3.04.00 and is available for 64-bit Linux systems and Mac OSX 64-bit. If you are running the older SPEX 3.03.00 version or earlier, we strongly recommend to update! Download the installation files or the tar file below and read the installation instructions.


The stable version of SPEX for Mac OSX on Intel processors is 3.04.00, which should work on OSX versions >=10.10 (Yosemite). Please make sure you also have XQuartz installed on your Mac before you install SPEX. This is the only dependency. 

SPEX 3.04.00 for Mac OSX 10.10 and above (.dmg)

IMPORTANT: After installation, do not forget to source the /opt/spex/ file to set the correct environment before running SPEX. For tcsh users, the file is called /opt/spex/spexdist.csh.

macosx:~> source /opt/spex/

macosx:~> spex


We provide an (almost) universal Linux binary for 64-bit Linux systems with glibc versions >=2.12*.

Download for 64-bit linux (tar.gz)

  • Unpack the tar file in the destination directory (for example ~/software/ or any other directory that you have access to):
    tar xvfz SPEX-{dist}.tar.gz
    Replace {dist} with the version number. The tar file will create a directory called SPEX-3.04.00-Linux in which the program will be installed.
  • Set the environment variable SPEX90 to the installation directory (for example ~/software/SPEX-3.04.00-Linux):
    export SPEX90=/path/to/your/SPEX-3.04.00-Linux (bash shell)
    setenv SPEX90 /path/to/your/SPEX-3.04.00-Linux (C-type shell)
  • Source the script provided by the distribution:
    source $SPEX90/ (bash shell)
    source $SPEX90/spexdist.csh (C-type shell)
  • Remove the tar file:
    rm SPEX-{dist}.tar.gz

* Check your glibc version by executing 'ldd --version' in a terminal window.