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SPICA is a next-generation infrared astronomy mission, lead by JAXA (Japan) with important contributions foreseen from ESA and a European consortium. With its deeply cooled (< 6 K) large (3-m class) telescope, SPICA will be able to achieve superior sensitivity and high spatial resolution.

SAFARI (SpicA FAR-infrared Instrument) is one of the three instruments planned for the SPICA payload. SAFARI is the FIR imaging spectrometer (30 - 210 μm, spectral resolution of 10 to 10000), next to two mid-infrared instruments, namely the MIR coronograph (3.5/5 - 27 μm)  and the MIR camera/spectrometer (5 - 38 μm).

Information/documentation with regard to the development and building of SAFARI can be found in the "SAFARI project" menu item on the left. 

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