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SPICA is a next-generation infrared astronomy mission, lead by JAXA (Japan) with important contributions foreseen from ESA and a European consortium. With its deeply cooled (< 6 K) large (3-m class) telescope, SPICA will be able to achieve superior sensitivity and high spatial resolution.

SAFARI (SpicA FAR-infrared Instrument) is one of the three instruments planned for the SPICA payload. SAFARI is the FIR imaging spectrometer (30 - 210 μm, spectral resolution of 10 to 10000), next to two mid-infrared instruments, namely the MIR coronograph (3.5/5 - 27 μm)  and the MIR camera/spectrometer (5 - 38 μm).

Information/documentation with regard to the development and building of SAFARI can be found in the "SAFARI project" menu item on the left. 

Information on forthcoming the SPICA Science Workshop can also be found by clicking on the banner image below.

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